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Research conducted by University of Washington Tacoma scientists at the Center for Urban Waters seeks to understand and quantify the sources, pathways and impacts of chemical pollutants in urban waterways. Highly sensitive analytical tools to measure contaminant levels are combined with sophisticated computer models to track pollutant sources and transport in the Puget Sound region. UW students work side-by-side with Urban Waters colleagues, contributing to research teams while gaining valuable training and experience.

UWT@CUW PeopleThe research is led by Professor Joel Baker, Port of Tacoma chair in Environmental Science at UW Tacoma and Science Director for the Center for Urban Waters. The Port of Tacoma Chair was established in 2005 and funded through endowments from the Port of Tacoma, the City of Tacoma, SSA Marine and matching funds from the university.

The University of Washington Tacoma offers a world-class education in the heart of Tacoma's vibrant downtown. Set among beautifully restored brick buildings, UW Tacoma has been recognized by the Sierra Club as one of the nation's 12 best developments for enhancing its neighborhood and environment.

A campus of the University of Washington, one of the world's leading research universities, UW Tacoma educates students who want to earn a UW degree in a small-campus environment in the South Sound. Students learn by working closely with their peers and professors across disciplines, often on projects that take them out of the classroom and into the community. UW Tacoma has a broad-based, interdisciplinary arts and sciences program, along with professional degree programs in computer science, business, nursing, education, social work and urban studies. UW Tacoma has distinguished itself as a model metropolitan university and enhanced the region's business, social and cultural climate, gaining national recognition for improving its neighborhood and environment.