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Room 136: sample cooler Room 138: sample receiving

Room 136: sample cooler

Room 136: sample cooler

After samples are received they are stored in a cooler until they are processed. This is important in order to obtain accurate analytical results for the sample.

Room 138: sample receiving

Room 138: sample receiving room

The Sample Receiving lab accepts samples collected from creeks, groundwater wells, stormwater outfalls, and a variety of cleanup projects around the city - for testing at the Center for Urban Waters.

Sample Receiving staff document all field sampling activities for compliance with research or investigation criteria following a rigorous protocol modeled after Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

In this lab:

  • Staff create comprehensive documentation for every sample requiring laboratory analysis.  This documentation captures important details essential to maintaining sample integrity and vital to the analytical process.
  • Staff assess sample condition, composite, filter, and preserve samples before they are delivered to various areas in the laboratory for analysis.
  • Any deviations from standard protocols are noted and all the information is transferred into the laboratory information management system.
  • This lab also serves as a support area for sampling equipment. Field instrumentation is calibrated; minor repairs and maintenance are performed to ensure equipment is functioning properly.