The Center for Urban Waters is a revolutionary center for research, policy and real-life application that is designed to grow. The City of Tacoma, Puget Sound Partnership, University of Washington Tacoma, and the Urban Waters Board of Directors envision the center’s campus expanding to address urban environmental issues through an extensive variety of study and research.

The very nature of research means it is difficult to predict what studies will be housed in the center years from now. The Urban Waters laboratory space is designed to be flexible and adaptable, so the research mission can continue to evolve as new issues and opportunities arise.

But the center grows not only itself, but the community as well. Because the center emphasizes applied science, industry may evolve from the research solutions developed here. By expanding or retaining existing businesses, recruiting industries to relocate, or encouraging entrepreneurs to start new businesses, the center can be a source of job creation and a greater, diversified tax base.

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